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Welcome to Hawthorn!

Welcome to Hawthorn! 1

Book changing days - Monday, Wednesday and Friday.



This term in Science, we have been investigating sunflowers and what happens when we take away something that the sunflower normally needs to grow healthily. We planted our sunflower seeds into a pot with soil. We put a few of the pots in the sunlight and are making sure we water them everyday. The other sunflowers are also being watered, but are in Miss Brown's cupboard in the dark! Each week we are making observations about what is happening to our plants.


In Art, we took a look at Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers'. We watched a video tutorial on how to go about drawing the sunflowers with oil pastels. We spent 3 lessons working our very hardest on these pieces of art, Miss Brown and Mrs Reucroft were completely blown away! Hawthorn even inspired Mrs Reucroft to go home and have a go herself! The children were very proud of their work and rightly so!