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Caribbean Food Tasting Day

Caribbean Food Tasting Day 1 We are reading Gregory Cool.
Caribbean Food Tasting Day 2 Like Gregory we tried Tobago food.
Caribbean Food Tasting Day 3 We really loved the cock soup.
Caribbean Food Tasting Day 4 some of us really didn't like any of it.
Caribbean Food Tasting Day 5
Caribbean Food Tasting Day 6

Raise the Roof Singing

Raise the Roof Singing 1 We really enjoyed singing in Spanish.
Raise the Roof Singing 2
Raise the Roof Singing 3
Raise the Roof Singing 4
Raise the Roof Singing 5
Raise the Roof Singing 6 It was great fun.
Picture 1 We use Base 10 to help us solve problems.
Picture 2 We enjoy solving subtraction problems.
Picture 3 We worked together.
Picture 4
Picture 5

Celebration of our topic on Spain

We are learning to write instructions. Here we are memorising instructions on how to make bird feeder. We use pictures and actions to help us remember it. It was loads of fun. 
After a long journey, we arrived at Avalon Marshes on one of the loveliest days of the Winter. 
Stu and Tabetha, who are biologist, came in to see us. They wanted to help us with our eco project. They talk us us about insects like butterflies, moths and beetles. We learned that some insects use colours to warn birds to stay away or to camouflage themselves so that predators can't see them. 

Finding the best place for our butterflies and moths.