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PE and Sport Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

2015 - 2016 PE Premium Spend

2015 - 2016 PE Premium Spend 1

2016 - 2017 PE Premium Forecast

2016 - 2017 PE Premium Forecast 1

School Sport Premium 2016-2017

The funding has been used to raise curriculum standards and increase extra-curricular access to sport and physical activity.

Curriculum Standards

The largest proportion of the funding has been spent on introducing Real PE at Birdwell. All teachers attended two twilight INSET training sessions in February 2017. The training focused on delivering outstanding PE using Schemes of Work that focus on core skills (agility, balance and coordination), competition and cooperative learning. The funding has paid for all of the equipment and resources necessary.

Teaching staff have had further development opportunities via our Ashton Park School Sport Partnership (SSP) membership. Funding has been used to pay for supply cover so that teachers can attend courses and partnership network days. Ashton Park SSP coaches have also visited Birdwell in order to jointly deliver curricular sessions, implement various pupil leadership programmes (Playground Leaders and Sport Leaders) and help prepare for extra-curricular competition. Later in the year, experts from Ashton Park SSP will lead a staff meeting focussing implementing a new Physical Activity policy at our school.

Extra-Curricular Access

Our Ashton Park SSP membership also provides many and varied extra-curricular opportunities for our children. We are currently on target for every child in Year 2 and Key Stage 2 to represent Birdwell in an extra-curricular sporting competition at least once this academic year with pupil premium children and less active children targeted as a priority. Most KS2 children will have represented Birdwell multiple times by the end of the academic year. In addition to membership costs, the funding has also helped to pay for transport to enable children to travel to venues across Bristol.

Our in-house extra-curricular provision provides opportunities for all ages but focusses most on children in EYFS and KS1 in particular. Every single child at Birdwell will have been offered the opportunity to attend ‘Active Club’ by the end of the academic year. The focus of this multi-sport club is to increase physical activity levels; priority is again given to our less active children.

Specialist Coaching

Our partnership with Bristol University Sport has continued and has enabled our Y3/4 children to attend a Festival of Sport organised and delivered by student coaches, the funding covered the cost of transport. Elite student athletes continue to visit Birdwell giving our children an insight into high level sport coupled with higher education.

This year, specialist coaches from Premier Sport and Bristol Sport Foundation have delivered sample lessons in Year 1 and Year 2 respectively. It is hoped that these new partnerships will be utilised further for curricular and extra-curricular provision should the Sport Premium funding increase next academic year.

The funding is also contributing to the cost of cycle training delivered by Sole Cycling in Reception, Year 3 and Year 6.