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Absence Procedures

It is important that your child attends school at all times. However, if your child cannot come to school, Parents must follow the procedures below:


  • In the event of illness, please telephone the school before 10:00am to explain your child's absence, or email
  • In the event of a medical appointment, please write a letter or send an email explaining your child's absence in advance. Medical appointments must be accompanied by the appointment card or letter. 
  • In the event of an exceptional circumstance e.g, funeral or family wedding, please write to the school in advance requesting a leave of absence form.
  • Holidays during school time are unauthorised absences and can result in a fine. Attendance below 97% can trigger further action. 
  • Holidays requests must be obtained at least ten days in advance via the Holiday Request Form. This can be obtained from the school office or you can complete an electronic copy (link below) and email it to The Headteacher will then decide whether it is an authorised or unauthorised absence. You will receive confirmation of this in advance of your holiday. 


If we do not receive information regarding your child's absence in advance, the school will contact you via telephone to enquire. 


For further details of our attendance procedures, please look at our Attendance Policy in the Policy section.


Thank you for your support with this. 



If your child has a sickness bug or upset stomach, they must not come in to school until 48 hours after the symptoms stop. If you bring your child back to school before this time, we will not allow your child to stay.


If your child is sick at school, we will contact you and you will be expected to collect your child immediately and keep them at home for 48 hours.