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Birdwell Vision and Values

Our vision

Our school vision is to enable children to become passionate, lifelong learners. We celebrate our differences within a safe, inclusive and nurturing learning environment.

Where everybody is a somebody




Our Birdwell tree encompasses the attitudes we try to instil in all of our community.






Our Values

  • We are creative: we use our imaginations.
  • We are team players: we work together.
  • We are curious: we ask questions.
  • We are proud: of ourselves and others.
  • We are brave: we take risks and learn from our mistakes.
  • We are kind: we are considerate and respectful.
  • We are individuals: we celebrate our differences.



Our Vision and Values are the beating heart of all we do. They underpin our curriculum, our interactions and our environment. We are preparing our children to reach their full potential, find their passion and develop into happy, confident and kind members of their community.