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Hi Reception!
Please see below for the links which will help you with your learning whilst we are not together at school. 

Don't forget to check Tapestry each morning for our video!

These are the daily suggested timetables for learning. Children at home and in school will be following the same learning which is mainly to be found on Tapestry (with video clips). 

Phonics learning





Thursday 7th January

Our first digraphs - Week beginning 11th January 2021

This week, we will continue to practise writing our CVC words, but will also be starting to learn our first set of digraphs -

ch, sh, th and ng.  

You will be able to access a live phonics lesson on Zoom in a group.


We try to encourage finger spaces when writing phrases or captions and short sentences, and also the correct letter formation. :)


A digraph is two letters which make one sound. The digraphs we are learning this week are:

ch, sh, th and ng.



The 'ch' sound


Make a ch-ch-ch sound and pretend (with your arms) to be a train!

The sh sound

Pretend you are telling someone to shhhh with finger against lips!