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Year 4

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Welcome to Year 4!


Welcome to the Summer Term.

We are all looking forward to another busy couple of terms with your children.   

PE and Outdoor Learning Term 5


Our PE days this term will be Tuesdays and Fridays


Outdoor Learning/PE will be on Friday mornings with Mr. Welti

and Mr Gill.  Please make sure your children have their wellies and a waterproof coat, in addition to their PE kit on this day.



Term 5/6 Learning


Our new topic for terms 5 and 6 is 'Romans Remembered'.   We will be learning all about the Romans, from their amazing achievements to their day to day lives.  We will update the website shortly with a topic web giving further details of the exciting learning we will be doing. 


Look out for future photos on the Juniper and Sycamore pages.


We will continue to set Mathletics homework this term.  

Homework assignments will be set from every Wednesday from 4pm and

 we will expect these to be completed by the following Tuesday of each week.  



Times Tables In Year 4 By the end of year 4, it is now a stipulation that year 4 children should know all their times tables up to x12. Try to help your child learn and practice their tables as often as possible – a little and often works well. Please ensure that as you practice the x tables, you also practice the corresponding division facts as it is really important that children understand the relationship between multiplication and division. Please find below a parent guide for helping with tables.


We would love it if you could try to read with your child regularly – 5 signed reads per week – to be entered in the new reading logs your child has brought home.   This is in line with the Birdwell School reading policy.


At Birdwell, we are now following the ‘VIPERS’ for reading comprehension scheme  You will find a copy the KS2 VIPERS document plus a copy of the VIPERS e question STEMS below.


Here is the Year 3/4 spelling list. 
accident(ally) disappear interest pressure
actual(ly) early island possibly
address earth knowledge promise
answer eight/eighth length purpose
appear enough learn quarter
arrive exercise library question


experience material recent
bicycle experiment medicine regular
breath extreme mention reign
breathe famous minute remember
build favourite natural sentence
busy/business February naughty separate
calendar forward(s) notice special
caught fruit occasion(ally) straight
centre grammar often strange
century group opposite strength
certain guard ordinary suppose
circle guide particular surprise
complete heard peculiar therefore
consider heart perhaps though/although
continue height popular thought
decide history position through
describe imagine possess(ion) various
different increase possible weight
difficult important potatoes woman/women