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Parent Feedback

Parent, carer and visitor feedback about Birdwell School


We regularly run parent/carer, staff and pupil surveys to learn more about the opinions of our community and help with further improvements. Here are some examples of feedback that we have received either from our surveys, or from letters and emails we received from parents, carers, and those who visited our school.


“I think the focus on the broader education of the children is excellent - by which I mean that the school does focus on academic achievement, but also highly values other experiences such as outdoor education and community groups. I think its really important that children are given a rounded education, which isn't just about academic excellence - and I think Birdwell achieves this.” (Parent)


“Relationships between children and staff are excellent from what I've seen. The staff are dedicated, care deeply about the children and go above and beyond to support and extend them. We also like the way Birdwell tries hard to be a part of the wider community.” (Parent)


“It’s not an exaggeration to say I was elated when I found out that we’d secured a place at Birdwell for my son. I’d heard such glowing reports from friends about their kids’ experiences there, so my heart was set on it to be honest. I knew there were lots of other perfectly good primaries in the area, but from the minute my husband and I visited during the open day, the warmth and dedication throughout struck us both immediately. The school’s ethos was all around us; from the hallways proudly plastered with artwork, poetry and science displays to the adorable forest school with an almost enchanted feel to it – like something out of The Secret Garden! My son, the first of my two to attend Birdwell, is pretty shy and I knew I wanted a school where he’d be at ease and also encouraged. And that’s exactly what he’s encountered throughout. I cannot believe how much he’s thrived over the course of the four years he’s been there. Every teacher he’s worked with has got to know him and each in their own way, nurtured his confidence. This has been enormously heartening to see.
My daughter has experienced exactly the same. We signed her up for the preschool associated to Birdwell, Saplings, and again, we couldn’t have wished for a better, happier start to her school experience. Now in Year 2, her reading, spelling, creativity and maths have developed at an extraordinary rate. She tells me frequently she loves school and each time, it gives me a reassuring sense of comfort. I feel very lucky to have my kids in a school where I know they’re both incredibly happy and excelling in their education, in a safe, positive environment. Every parent wants this; a school where the staff are kind, supportive (to both kids and parents), and go above and beyond, encouraging children to enjoy learning. That, in a nutshell, is Birdwell.” (Parent)


“I don’t know what magic you work but my child is amazingly happy with school at the moment!” (Parent)
“The staff are so caring and friendly and this really comes across to children and parents. Lots of exciting and interesting activities and learning opportunities. Feeling of unified approach and staff all on same page with clear message. Nice outdoor space and play time. Good extra curricular opportunities. Vibrant culture and committed staff.” (Parent)


“Creating a safe & friendly learning environment with a focus on the whole child and their environment and not solely the academic side of education.” (Parent)

“You allow every child opportunity regardless of their ability in either academia, social events or sporting activity.” (Parent)


“I have 2 extremely happy children and so I think you create a stimulating, safe and fun environment for them to learn. Birdwell makes learning fun, which is brilliant.” (Parent)


“We really appreciate everything that the staff do at Birdwell to make it such a happy, safe and friendly place. It really is a fantastic school. Thank you all.” (Parent)


Feedback from our pupils


“The education for this school is brilliant, and I love playing tag with my friends at break time. There is nothing to improve at this school.”


“At break time I enjoy running around and talking to my friends. I am not sure what could be better about the school.”


Feedback from others outside of our school community


“Thank you for another lovely, friendly welcome. I’ve only visited Birdwell twice but each time it has been such a lovely welcoming place from ALL staff and ALL children. Both classes were fantastic and a real credit to you all.  I was very impressed by their listening, acting, great sense of humour and willingness to join in - I hope everyone enjoyed the sessions as much as I did!” (Visitor running Year 2 workshop about the Great Fire of London)
“Just wanted to say such a big THANK YOU for the book – both volunteers Jo and Anne were in today helping me with half term activities and they were absolutely thrilled to see the book and letters that the children had written! Your school’s visit really did stand out for us as one of the nicest of the term due to the overwhelming enthusiasm from both staff and the children.” (Comments from school trip provider, following a visit to a National Trust place)