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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


In Year 1 the team is Miss Hunt, Mrs Day, Mrs Wallace, Mrs Tovey and Mrs Walsh.

Our new Topic for Term 3 is

Toys Through Time


During this topic we will be looking at toys from the past and comparing them to modern toys. Please see below for our Knowledge Organiser, Topic Web and Home School Links.


Our Topic for term 2 is

Celebrations and Festivals. 

During the course of the term, we will be learning about lots of different celebrations and festivals from all over the world.

We had a fantastic WOW day, introducing our new topic by discussing when and why we send cards for some celebrations. We even visited The Post Office in Long Ashton to see how it all works! 

Please see below for our Knowledge Organiser, Topic Web and Home School Links.



Mathletics Update

Today, all children have been given a reminder slip, in their reading records, of their Mathletics username and password. Each week we will set up to four tasks, linked to topics that we have covered, that we ask to be completed by the next Monday. These are not obligatory but it will benefit all children and help to build on their learning if they are completed. We ask that, wherever possible, they are completed relatively independently as it gives us a good idea of the children's misconceptions and any gaps in learning. Once completed the children will then be able to access more of the Mathletics website. We hope that the children enjoy using the site.



We have had a great term so far!

We had a super WOW day when a dinosaur disturbed our classrooms! All term we are being dinosaur detectives whilst helping Professor Fossil find out all about dinosaurs.

Below are just a few things that we have been doing. 

In English we have read; Say Hello to The Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Roar, Harry and The Bucketful of Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs And All That Rubbish. Amongst other things, we have been developing our writing skills by focusing on writing on the line, finger spaces, capital letters, full stops and using our phonics to help spell words.

In Maths we have been reading and writing numbers in words and numerals, counting on and back, finding 1 more and 1 less, using mathematical language and symbols to recognise more than, less than and equal to.

In Topic we have thought about when dinosaurs lived, begun to understand what different dinosaurs ate, developed our ideas about what happened to the dinosaurs, used primary colours to help us mix other colours and begun to think about how to design our very own dinosaur sock puppet.

Recommended Reads

We have been lucky enough to be given some high quality and brand new story books. We would like to give every child in Year 1 the opportunity to take a number of books, over the course of the year, home to share with an adult.

It is important to note that these are not to replace the children's reading books but are texts to simply kick back, relax and enjoy with you!

Every week a group of six children from each class will be able to choose a book from our year library. We ask that the books are kept for one week only and are returned by the next Monday.

Please encourage your child to look after our shiny new books so that they can be enjoyed by the whole year group.

We hope that you enjoy reading these!

Show and Tell


We have once weekly 'Show and Tell' sessions. In Year 1, we do not do show and tell toys as we like to encourage children to bring in objects and work related and connected to our topic theme. They can also bring in and share something that they have completed/achieved out of school that they are proud of.


Ash Show and Tell = Wednesday

Silver Birch = Thursday

Transition from Reception to Year 1


When in Reception, Tapestry is used to record observations that then help assess your children against the EYFS curriculum. Tapestry also allowed fantastic regular opportunities for individual and visual feedback between school and home.


In Year 1 the children follow the National Curriculum and assessment is carried out in a different way. However, we still take lots of photos of the children's learning!


From Year 1 onwards the children still enjoy a thematic curriculum where learning experiences are linked across subjects. We share the children's learning at the end of each short term in the form of a 'Celebration of Learning' and 'Photo story'.


For the first few weeks, as part of our transition, we will post a short update about some of the activities that we have been doing. We hope that this will encourage a dialogue between you and your child about their time in school that week.




Book Change


Books will be changed every Tuesday and Friday.


If your child finishes their reading book before the allocated book change day, then please feel free to widen their reading experience by reading books from home or the library. 



If you would like your child to have milk at school, please order it from the school office as it is not provided, without payment, after Reception.


Our Topic this term is Dinosaur Detectives.

We have not told the children this yet as we are planning a surprise Wow day next Monday (9th September) so please keep our new topic as a surprise! Thank you!

Below are links to our Knowledge Organiser (facts and vocabulary that we hope all children will be familiar with by the end of the topic), 

our Topic Web (information about what we will be covering this term) and our Home School Links (ideas for you to do with you children at home). We hope you enjoy this topic as much as we do!