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Year 1

End of Year Celebration Picnic


We would like to invite you to our end of Year 1 celebration on Tuesday 16th July at 2.45pm.

The children will be sharing their work from over their time in Year 1 and serving some snacks to their visitors.

There will also be a photo story.

Welcome to Term 6!

Our new topic, Delicious Decades, is all about food and how it has changed over the years.

To kick start our topic we had a super WOW day where we, amongst other activities, designed our own sandwich that we then made the next day.


Welcome back to Term 5!

Our new topic is...'North, South, East, West-Where are we?'

Our End of Topic Celebration is on Thursday 23rd May at 9.10am.

We hope to see you there.

End of Topic Celebration


Our Year 1 end of topic celebration is taking place on

Tuesday 2nd April at 2:45pm.

We look forward to seeing you all! 

PE and Outdoor Learning

This term Ash and Silver Birch will have PE on a Monday and a Thursday (Outdoor Learning will also be on a Thursday).


New Topic

Our Term 4 topic is 'Wonderful Wildlife'. We will be learning about lots of UK animals with a different focus each week. In week 1 we are looking at minibeasts.


Please see below for some creative home activities and our new topic web.




We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 14th February at 9.10am for our 'End of Topic Celebration'.

Bring your artistic and creative heads with you...

Welcome to Year 1: Term 3- Marvellous Materials and Recycling Rangers

This week (04.02.19) we have...


  • written letters to Mr Sainsbury to ask him about how he looks after our world and told him how we are trying to save the environment. We made sure that we checked our punctuation and especially used question marks and full stops.
  • we have explored what a fraction is and thought about how to spilt shapes and quantities into halves and quarters. We even used 'Kit Kats' to help us!
  • we have used clay to create our own abstract tower sculptures. We learnt about different techniques to help us change the clay's shape and how to fix pieces together using water.
  • we thought about different words that we can use to help us describe different types of materials.

This week (28.01.19) we have...


  • read our new book 'George saves the world by lunchtime' and thought about how we can use different punctuation to write sentences linked to this.


  • developed our understanding of place value and used apparatus such as 'Base 10' and numicon to visually make numbers.


  • looked at sculptures by the artist Marc Quinn, who made lots of hands from bread, and made our own salt dough hands thinking carefully about the shape as well as the lines that we see on them.


  • bent, twisted, stretched and squashed a selection of different materials to see how and if they changed shape.


  • thought about goals that we have achieved and the 'stepping stones' that we need to achieve these.


  • been excited about making snowmen, sledging and having snowball fights!


This week (21.01.19) we have...


  • been using number partitioning to help use understand how to solve subtractions.
  • read our new book 'Michael Recycle' and thought carefully about whether we liked it.
  • designed our own super hero.
  • thought about what 'man made' and natural means in relation to materials and sorted materials in these categories.
  • continued to look at artists who use different materials to create their sculptures. This week we focussed on Brandon Jamison who has made lots of sculptures out of sugar cubes including a whole 'city'. We had a go at using sugar cubes to create buildings too. It was fun but quite tricky!

This week (14.01.19) we have...


  • been developing our knowledge and understanding of number bonds to 10 and 20 and solving subtraction calculations by drawing.
  • read and learnt some facts and information from '10 things I can do to help my world' and written ways that we can be environmental rangers. We also used conjunctions to add extra detail and checked our use of capital letters and full stops.
  • thought about the different 'properties' of materials and used specific vocabulary to describe certain materials.
  • started to investigate and create artistic work based on artists who work with certain materials. This week we looked at Jill Townsley and used plastic spoons (reused from last year!) and elastic bands to create sculptures.

Welcome to Term 3!

Our new topic is 'Recycling Rangers working on Marvellous Materials'.


Our new PE days, in Ash and Silver Birch, are Tuesday and Thursday.


On Thursdays both classes will also have their outdoor learning, including Forest School, time.


We would like to welcome Miss Ballin to our Year 1 team! Miss Ballin is covering Miss Hanham's maternity leave.


Miss Bassett is now on her second placement at another school but will be back in Terms 5 and 6.


Please see the atttached documents for extra information on our new topic!

Welcome to Year 1- Term 2


In Year 1 the team is Miss Hunt, Mrs Smith, Mrs Wallace, Miss Hanham, Mrs Tovey, Mrs Turk and Mrs Walsh.


Our new topic for Term 2 is 'Celebrations and Festivals'.

We can't wait for tomorrow when through our WOW day we will be finding out about our new topic and the first celebration of the term.

Please find the topic web and home/school links for this term below.


Key Dates for Term 2

Year 1 Bristol Old Vic Theatre Trip


On Tuesday 4th December we are very excited to be visiting 'The Bristol Old Vic' theatre to see a performance of 'Chloe and the Colour Catcher'. We can't wait!


Year 1 Phonics Information Morning

On Thursday 29th November we would like to invite you to a short presentation about the way in which we teach phonics in Year 1. We will also give you some extra information about the statutory phonics screening which will take place in May 2019. After the presentation, the children will be on hand to show and share some of the different phonics activities, games and computer programmes that we use in their daily phonics learning.


End of Topic Celebration

Our end of topic celebration will be at 9.10am on Tuesday 18th December in the school hall. We look forward to seeing you there!

This week (26.11.18) we…

wrote letters using our own ideas and thinking about the correct punctuation that we should use.

recapped using number lines to solve subtraction.

learnt about the celebration Thanksgiving

developed our cutting and folding skills, making Thanksgiving Turkeys

we enjoyed an Art Day on Friday. This included; making our own Monty Penguin collages and symmetrical Christmas trees. We also made baubles for the school tree with help from Year 5 and used our hands to create class Christmas trees.


This week (19.11.18) we…


  • planned, innovated and began to write the story of the Jolly Postman
  • began to solve subtraction (take away) problems using pictures and the number line

  • learnt about the reasons why people celebrate Diwali

  • practised our cutting and folding skills and made Diwali paper lanterns

This week (12.11.18) we...


  • retold part of the story of the Jolly Postman using actions.
  • wrote our own postcards to some of the characters from the book 'The Jolly Postman' with a focus on conjunctions (and, but, because).
  • developed our understanding of number bonds to ten and twenty.
  • thought carefully about why Remembrance day is so important and how we show our respect for this special occasion.
  • used paint to paint our own pictures of poppy fields and used wax crayons and felt tip pens to create other poppy field pictures.

This week (5.11.18) we have: 

  • discovered our new topic is Festivals and Celebrations.
  • learnt about Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes.
  • explored different materials to make firework pictures.
  • identified and used the + and = symbol in number sentences.
  • learnt about the part model and made number fact families. 
  • read the Jolly Postman.
  • wrote letters to Reception staff and walked to the Post Office to post them.
  • read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and wrote a letter of apology.


(W/C 05.11.18)


Ash Class

PE days are Monday and Thursday


Silver Birch 

PE days are Thursday and Friday


Please ensure that your child is dressed for outdoor PE. This will be particularly important on a Thursday as we will be outside with 'Bristol Forever Sport' PE coaches doing netball.

This week (22.10.18) we have:


  • been reading the book 'Paddington at the Circus' and using adjectives to help add extra information to our writing
  • shown that we have an even greater understanding of full stops, capital letters and other punctuation
  • impressed our visitors with our wonderful singing of 'Nelly the Elephant, made clown biscuits and shared our fantastic work from this term
  • been learning about 2D and 3D shapes
  • created our very own circus paintings using water colours

This week (08.10.18) we have:


  • Read the book 'Peter Spier's Circus.'
  • Used the words 'and' and 'because' to add extra information and detail about pictures from 'Peter Spier's Circus'.
  • Developed our understanding of numbers in both words and numerals.
  • Ordered numbers from smallest to greatest thinking about how these numbers are made.
  • Carried out an investigation on balance and thought about what it would be like to be a tightrope walker.
  • Looked at 'The Clown Egg Register' and designed our own clown faces.


This week (01.10.18) we have:


  • learnt to order and spell the days of the week
  • developed our understanding of naming words (nouns) and completed some activities about nouns
  • created our own brightly coloured split pin clowns 
  • used signs and symbols to write our own piece of music and then played our compositions with untuned instruments
  • thought about and identified our different senses and how we use them





We are really excited to be starting Mathletics at Birdwell! We hope you have all found your child's sign-in details inside their reading record, written after the last diary entry, so that they can access Mathletics at home. It works on a tablet, computer or smartphone but if anyone is unable to access the site, or if your child was away last Friday (28.09.18), then please let us know.


This week we would like the children to become familiar with the programme and have a go at the maths games. We will then begin to assign tasks from next Friday.


Each Friday the children will be set some tasks to complete on the site. As well as this, children can access other games and activities to help improve their confidence and fluency in maths.

We are sure the children will love this new way to explore number and other areas of maths.


This week (24.09.18) we have:


  • learnt to read and write numbers to 20 in numerals and words.
  • explored the language to compare such as greater and less than, fewer, bigger, more, equal to.
  • used the picture book 'Clown' by Quentin Blake to retrieve information and make inferences about the text.
  • used un-tuned musical instruments to help us create rhythms linking to words from the circus.
  • identified and named a number of parts of our body thinking about how we use them with a focus on how we would use them if we were circus performers.
  • used dots, made by the end of paint brushes, to help us complete a circus performer template to create our own George Seurat style painting.

Terms 1 and 2 Outdoor Learning

Please could your children make sure that they have their wellington boots and a coat every Friday (starting next Friday 21st September). We will be taking advantage of our incredible outdoor space, enjoying a story in the Conservation or Forest Area, with a team building game to end.


Book bags

Please could you make sure that water bottles are not put in book bags to avoid spillages. Also please can you make sure that any large items they wish to bring are carried in a separate bag as the book bag boxes have only limited space. They can then hang the separate bag on their peg in the cloakroom. 

Many thanks for your support.

This week (17.09.18) we have:

  • read The Circus in the Sky and used our step 2 and 3 phonemes to spell words.
  • written in short sentences thinking about finger spaces and keeping our writing on the line.
  • been thinking about 1 more and 1 less of numbers.
  • been working on our number orientation.
  • used paint in different ways.
  • thought about what it would be like to be in a circus (through writing, speaking and role play).
  • been to the forest school area and used our senses.

This week (10th September) 'The Greatest Show on Earth'

We have;

  • had an amazing WOW day where, amongst other things, we had a visit from Tom the circus performer, became circus performers, made clown face biscuits and turned our faces into clowns with funny noses and hair.
  • been learning to count forwards and backwards from any given number.

  • read the story ‘The Fabulous Foskett Family Circus’ and used pictures to help us write sentences. We have focussed on finger spaces, writing on the line and capital letters.

  • compared things found at a circus in the past and present day.

  • have looked at the work of George Seurat (who painted a famous picture of the circus) and used our fingers and paint to make different marks.

  • have listened to different songs and sounds from the Circus.

  • used our outdoor sand and indoor circus tent areas and costumes to imagine that we are performers in the circus!

Welcome to Year 1!


In Year 1 the team is Miss Hunt, Mrs Smith, Mrs Wallace, Miss Hanham, Mrs Tovey, Mrs Turk and Mrs Walsh.


We hope you all have a lovely summer. We are all really excited about the term ahead.


For the first week of term we are getting to know each other and developing our team work skills.


We are then moving on to our new topic which is all about the circus - 'The Greatest Show on Earth.'


Please find below our topic web, home school links and some other resources and activities which you might like to use at home.

Transition from Reception to Year 1


When in Reception, Tapestry is used to record observations that then help assess your children against the EYFS curriculum. Tapestry also allowed fantastic regular opportunities for individual and visual feedback between school and home.


In Year 1 the children follow the National Curriculum and assessment is carried out in a different way. However, we still take lots of photos of the children's learning!


From Year 1 onwards the children still enjoy a thematic curriculum where learning experiences are linked across subjects. We share the children's learning at the end of each short term in the form of a 'Celebration of Learning' and 'Photo story'.


For the first few weeks, as part of our transition, we will post a short weekly update about some of the activities that we have been doing. We hope that this will encourage a dialogue between you and your child about their time in school that week.




Week 1: All about me and team building


Check ins

Collaborative play activities (peg board patterns, fine motor sorting, building, sand and water tasks)

Painted self portraits

'All about me' drawing/writing

Plasticine modelling (with a specific focus)

Class contract chats

Values leaves (with how we will be great members of our class 'team')

Lots of opportunities to play and get to know each other






PE Term 1

Both classes will both have PE on a Monday and a Friday this term. Please ensure children come to school in PE kit on both these days.

As the weather becomes colder, please ensure that they are suitably dressed.


If you would like your child to have milk at school, please order it from the school office as it is not provided, without payment, after Reception.