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Who's Who

Here is a list of the dedicated team of staff at Birdwell School:


Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Officer: Paul Sainsbury                                    

Deputy Headteacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer: Emma Bellis

Assistant Headteacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer: Emily Downing

Assistant Headteacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer: Lucy Durham



Class Teachers:

Nursery Saplings: Gabi Rowbottom

Reception Beech: Lucy Durham

Reception Oak: Alison Newth

Year 1 Ash: Rachael Hunt

Year  1 Silver Birch: Penny Wallace & Joanna Smith

Year 2 Cedar: Emily Downing

Year 2 Chestnut: Cara Brown

Year 3 Kauri: Joseph Nolan

Year 3 Hawthorn: Katie Day & Sarah Dalwood

Year 4 Juniper: Vika Moisey

Year 4 Sycamore: Jenny Edwards

Year 5 Mangrove: Cat Rayman

Year 5 Maple: Sophie Dormer

Year 6 Aspen: Julia Cavill

Year 6 Willow: Chloe Weiner

Forest School Teacher: Mike Welti & Frank Gill


SENCO: Emma Bellis


Learning Support and Teaching Assistants:

Heather Ashford     Becky Bamber

Trudi Daniels          Gill Easton             

Andrea Hanham     Samantha Walsh

Steph Hanham       Kirsty Heathcott

Emily Jones            Lynne Tovey

Rebecca Pearson   Elaine Tancell

Maggi Reucroft       Maria Richards

Mim Seager            Claire Speight

Joanna Turk           Pauline Stone

Rebecca Wingrave 


Early Years Assistant: Millie Hewlett


Learning Mentor: Marie Soroczyn


Administration Staff:

Business Manager: Ruth Hutchison

School Administrator: Harley Derrick

Finance Assistant: Gill Atwill

Admin Assistant:  Jordan Wakeham


Premises Staff:

Site Supervisor: Frank Gill

Caretaker: Derek Johnson

Cleaners: Jenny Ware


Lunchtime Supervisors:

Selina Martin      Sharon Johnson

Claire Speight

Katie Bartlett       Rebecca Wingrave


Breakfast & After School Club Staff: 

Amy Madden        Andrea Hanham

Gail Thompson     Selina Martin      

Steph Hanham

Katie Barlett          Lynne Tovey

Harley Derrick      Jordan Wakeham