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What are the uniform requirements for Birdwell pupils?

 Birdwell School Academy Uniform

At Birdwell School Academy we would like our children to feel part of a community. For this reason, we encourage the wearing of school uniform. We encourage the support from parents to enforce this policy whenever possible. 

Logo uniform can be purchased from School Togs in Nailsea. Children can wear plain items which can be purchased from any high street shops or supermarkets.


Our current uniform is as follows:

  • Red or white polo shirts with Birdwell logo or plain.
  • Dark grey trousers, dark grey shorts or dark grey skirt
  • Red jumpers or red cardigans with Birdwell logo or plain red
  • Dark grey pinafore dresses
  • Red or grey tights or white socks in summer
  • Red and White gingham dresses in summer
  • Plain black shoes or plain black trainers. Please note in reception these must be Velcro or self-fastening. No laces.
  • Stud earrings only
  • Pupils are allowed to wear a watch if they wish but smart watches are not acceptable


Our P.E uniform is as follows:

  • Red t-shirt with Birdwell logo or plain
  • Red sweatshirt with Birdwell logo or plain
  • Black jogging bottoms, black leggings or black shorts – Please note that these must be plain. Logos or football badges are not acceptable.
  • Sports trainers (any colour).  Please note in reception these must be Velcro or self-fastening. No laces.


Children need to come to school wearing their P.E kit on the days that they have P.E (please see class pages for P.E timetable). 


    Pictures of Our Uniform

    Every child is placed in one of our five School Houses. House colours are worn for some events, eg for sports days. 

    House colours are as follows:

    • Jupiter = green
    • Mars = red
    • Neptune = blue
    • Saturn = orange
    • Venus = purple