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Race to Tokyo

Bristol to Tokyo is 5995 miles

In the past, your child may have spoken about participating in ‘The Race to Tokyo’, this is an activity linked to the The Daily Mile initiative, where children in schools across the UK are encouraged to run, jog or walk briskly for 15 minutes or a mile– at their own pace – in the fresh air. The aim was for the Birdwell children and staff to run 5995 collectively, to match the distance from Bristol to Tokyo (the host city of the 2020 the Olympic and Paralympic Games). We achieved 2306 miles before the start of lockdown. Although the Tokyo Games have been postponed, we are going to finish what we started! We are inviting the children and adults both at school and home to participate. Simply enter the number of miles you and your child/ren complete in the contact form below and your miles will be added to the total. If you are unable to leave the house, you can still join in by either running in the garden or on the spot. All are welcome to join in! l Update 1 (3.6.20)- 2306 miles l Update 2 (12.6.20)- 2793 miles l Update 3 (16.6.20) - 3095 miles l Update 4 (26.6.20)- 3923 miles l Update 5 (2.7.20)- 4492 l Update 6 (9.7.20)- 5272 miles MILES REMAINING- 723

Ashton Park SSP Gym Challenge Introduction - before you start

Our Gymnastic Challenges have been designed for pupils at home during 'lockdown' or in school. Watch the Introduction video before deciding which level is for you. Start with the Rookie-level and work your way through Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. If you finish them all make up your own!

Ashton Park SSP Rookie Gym Challenge

Ashton Park SSP Bronze Gym Challenge

Ashton Park SSP Silver Gym Challenge

Ashton Park SSP Gold Gym Challenge

Ashton Park SSP Platinum Gym Challenge

Wesport Virtual Summer School Games Week 5- Catch and Clap

Challenge 5 is Catch & Clap, demonstrated by Dylan- our Young Leader from Ashton Park School and the Wesport Team!

Wesport Virtual Summer School Games- Week 4- Tap Up

Challenge 4 is Tap Up, demonstrated by two time Paralympian Louise Hunt, professional tennis Player Sam Murray-Sharan and Rufus- our Young Leader from Ashton Park School!

Wesport Virtual Summer School Games- Week 3- Tuck In, Tuck Out

Challenge 3 is Tuck In, Tuck Out, demonstrated by GB Gymnast Amelie Morgan and Taika, our Young Leader from Ashton Park School!

Wesport Virtual Summer School Games Week 2- Around the World

Challenge 2 is Around the World, demonstrated by Team Bath Netball player Rachel Shaw and Elif, a Young Leader from Ashton Park School!

Wesport Virtual Summer School Games Week 1- Speed Bounce

Welcome to the West of England Summer School Games Virtual Challenge hosted by our School Games Ambassador Simran Kaur and Young Leaders from Ashton Park School! Challenge one is Speed Bounce.

Speed Bounce Challenge Card

Virtual Summer School Games Information

Let's get monkeying around with "I Wanna Be Like You" from The Jungle Book # THIS GIRL CAN


Dive into playtime with "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid # THIS GIRL CAN

Let loose to "You're Welcome" from Moana # THIS GIRL CAN


FROZEN ELSA'S WORKOUT. Calling all Queens and Princesses! It's time to take a magical trip to Arendelle.

STAR WARS JEDI TRAINING WORKOUT. It's time to grab your lightsabers!

Premier League Primary Stars: Stay Active Challenge

Premier League Primary Stars: Stay Active Challenge

Premier League Primary Stars: Stay Active Challenge

Chance to Shine Cricket: Session 1 COOL CATCHER

Chance to Shine Cricket: Session 2 BRILLIANT BOWLER

Chance to Shine Cricket: Session 3 SUPER STRIKER

Chance to Shine Cricket: Session 4 CREATIVE CRICKETER


#ThisIsPE is a YouTube channel with a growing amount of content giving parent/ carers realistic, practical support to help with PE at Home.

#ThisIsPE - Coordination with ball skills

#ThisIsPE - Footwork patterns

#ThisIsPE - Throwing for accuracy

#ThisIsPE - Rock and roll gymnastics

#ThisIsPE - Balloon blasting

#ThisIsPE - Jumping combinations

Sportshall Home Pentathlon

You can try some or all of the Sportshall Home Pentathlon activities just for fun or compete to see how you have performed on the Virtual Leaderboard. If you'd like to do this, please follow the guidance provided at .

Sportshall Home Pentathlon - 1 - Shuttle Run

Sportshall Home Pentathlon - 2 - Standing Long Jump

Sportshall Athletics Home Pentathlon - 3 - Vertical Jump

Sportshall Athletics Home Pentathlon - 4 - Speed Bounce

Sportshall Home Pentathlon - 5 - Target Throw

Sportshall Home Pentathlon Calculate Results

5-a-day Fitness at home. Please check your email for log in details.

imoves- Make learning active and fun at home

Free fun activities for parents to keep children happy, healthy and focused. The imovement gets kids learning actively every day at home. It's FREE forever for you to use with your children aged 4-11 years old and features new fun activities every day.

Sign up using the web address below:

Real PE at home – LOGIN NOW!

Real PE at home includes an online programme which supports families to be active, play and learn together. It includes a programme specifically for children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 with 12 themes, 6 areas, over 250 activities and challenges and 1000s of hours of fun and activity. This programme is also great for family play and fun.

It also includes a programme for children in Key Stage 2, with daily and weekly guidance provided for both programmes (starting from this week) in addition to an option to choose your own themes and activities.

There are so many benefits to being active, not only to our physical wellbeing but also to our emotional and mental health, especially in such testing times for all of us. We hope that the ideas help support you and your family to stay fit and healthy in the coming months. Here are the details to access real PE at home:

The website address is:
Parent email:
Password: birdwellpr

Click here to view more information to support you including a user guide and FAQs.

Kids yoga and mindfulness to STAY STRONG 💪🌈

A 50 minute compilation of yoga adventures, mindfulness and guided relaxations - with themes around courage, thinking positive and staying peaceful. 🌈 0:00 P...

The Body Coach | Daily LIVE workouts for kids