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Hello, welcome to the Birdwell PTA page.  We will keep you updated with Events and News here.  We also have a Facebook page "Birdwell PTA" please like our page as we will keep you updated here as well.  Alternatively if you wish to contact us by email then please do so on


If you would be interested in getting involved in the PTA then please let us know, we'd love you have you on board! The more parents we have involved the better. 


Upcoming Events


Maple cake sale - Friday 4th October


Aspen Cake sale - Friday 18th October


Christmas Fair - Saturday 14th December

Match Funding


We are always looking at ways to increase funds for investing in our children's recreation.  One helpful member of the PTA last year undertook "Matched Funding" this is where the company that you work for matches the funding that you raise for your school.  For example, if you were to help out on a cake sale / fair stall, then you may be able to claim for your time and the funds that you raise.  Please could we ask if you could see if your employers operate this scheme.  If they do and you are willing to help out, please contact to discuss this matter.

Class Reps and PTA committee members


Any help that you can give in organising and running fundraising events would be HUGELY appreciated. A small band of willing volunteers organised many successful events last year, but the more parent helpers we have the better. If you would be willing to help out in organising the Christmas or Summer fair, or have any other ideas for fundraising events we'd love to hear from you. You can email us at or speak to any of the class reps (below). 



Your current class reps for 2019-20 are:

Name Year


Kerri Short Pre-school Saplings
Amy Newton Pre-school Saplings
Lauren Schewitz Bowers Reception Beech
Kelly Williams Reception Beech
Timo Kindred Reception Oak
Harriet Hanson Reception Oak
Andy Bowen-Fleming Year 1 Ash
Vacancy Year 1 Ash
Fran Jarvis Year 1 Silver Birch
Elisa Kay Year 1 Silver Birch
Helen Markham Year 2 Cedar
Rebecca Noy Year 2 Cedar
Vanessa Lyttle Year 2 Chestnut
Shanaz Ramzan Year 2 Chesnut
Vicky Jones Year 3 Kauri
Alice Peyke Year 3 Kauri
Gina Davies Year 3 Hawthorn
Sarah Dineen Year 3 Hawthorn
Abi Parker Year 4 Juniper
Nikki Whitaker Year 4 Juniper
Wendy Harry Year 4 Sycamore
Clare Stoodley Year 4 Sycamore
Carrie Vickery Year 5 Mangrove
Michelle Royale Year 5 Mangrove
Rosie Waller Year 5 Maple
VACANCY Year 5 Maple
Lizzie Tucker Year 6 Aspen
Emily Humphrey Year 6 Aspen
Carole Lewton-Winter Year 6 Willow




We still have vacancies - if you feel like you might be able to help then please contact us.