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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


In Year 2 the team is Miss Bassett, Miss Downing, Mrs Reucroft, Mrs Tancell, Mrs Seager, Mrs Turk, Miss Pearson and Miss Hanham.


 We are looking forward to a brilliant virtual term together in Year 2! 


Try to be active every day if you can Year 2. 





Year 2's Term 5 topic is...

How Does Your Garden Grow?


This term's topic is a science based topic where the children will be learning about plants. They will be exploring what seeds and bulbs need to grow, as well as experimenting with the way in which different conditions make seeds and bulbs grow differently. They will be building on their knowledge of plants gained in Year 1, making sure that they can name parts of plants and now adding to this by identifying the parts of plants that we eat. 


As a celebration of learning, children would be making miniature gardens. They might make these from Lego, modelling materials or of course real soil and plants. If you are able, we would love the children to continue to take part in our 'Birdwell in Bloom' garden show by making these at home. 


For more information, please see your emails and the Home Learning 2020 page of the website. There are also other suggestions on the Home Learning extras page. 


Please, be kind to yourselves. This is such an uncertain time and we just want everyone to be happy and safe.


We are really, really enjoying seeing everything that you are getting up to, whether tasks set from us at school or the amazing things you are doing like learning to ride your bike, tie shoelaces and bake. Please keep us updated on Tapestry when you can. 


Stay safe. We miss you.  


Key Information 


This term Miss Bassett and Miss Downing will have their PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) time on Wednesday afternoons. This will be covered by Mr Welti who will be taking the classes for PE, and Ms Moisey who will be teaching maths skills and some Spanish. 


Please see below our topic web, which details more information about our topic 'The Great Fire of London'. You will also find Home Links which give ideas of things that you might like to do at home to support our learning in school. 


Our Spelling quiz sheet is also going to be here for you to see. 


Children in Key Stage 1 have a piece of fruit/vegetable every day at morning break. Children also have the option of having a carton of milk. If you would like your child to have milk, please see the school office. Children not having milk have access to their water bottles. We find that lots of our Year 2s have growing spurts and get extra hungry! If your child would prefer fruit/vegetable from home as a snack, then they may also bring that in to eat during this time.




This term Cedar and Chestnut class' PE days will be Monday and Wednesday. Please wear your PE uniform on these days. 





The children’s reading books are changed on a Monday and Thursday after they have read them at home with you. When you have shared the book with your child please write ‘finished’ in their reading record book, and then book will be changed. We ask the children to put their bookbag in the box on the carpet if it needs to be changed. As the rest of the school, we expect children to read at least 5 times per week, and to record this in their reading record diary.


We would be very grateful of offers to read with children in school. If you are able to help, then please see your class teacher.


At the front and back of the children’s reading records there is a list of keywords. These are excellent lists to practise reading at home so that your child can recognise these common words instantly by sight. Once your child can confidently read them, it is then a fantastic list of words that you might like to practise spelling with your child too.