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Year 5


Welcome to Year 5!


In Year 5 the team is Mrs Rayman, Mrs Wallace, Mr David and Mrs Richards.



We are really excited to meet you all and we have lots of fun activities ready for you to complete in school to help us all get back into the swing of things and ensure we are all happy and settled into Year 5. Our topic this term is World War 2 and this will take us right the way up to Christmas. If you want to have a sneak peak at what we will be covering, click on the WW2 knowledge organiser and Topic web at the bottom of this page. If you or anyone you know has any interesting information about World War 2, we would love to hear about it so please tell us. 


A letter was emailed out to parents on Monday 7th September with all the information you will need regarding the term ahead. If you still have any questions once you have read the letter, please do email them to the office and we will respond to you as soon as we can. 





As of Monday the 21st September, all children in Year 5 will have their Mathletics log ins and their Times Tables Rockstars log ins which will be stuck into their Reading Record. They will be set 3 mathletics pieces of homework each week on the Friday to complete by 8am the following Friday. They must see us before the Friday if they have any questions or need help with the homework. For now, we would like children to practice the timestables that they feel they need to practice using Rockstars on a weekly basis. They should, by the end of Year 4, be able to recall all of the times tables up to and including the 12 times tables, so it is important that they continue to practice these, both in school and at home. Please do speak to a teacher in year 5 if you have any problems at all with logging on, access to the internet or the use of a device.



With regards to spellings, we are recapping the Year 3 and 4 expected spelling list and therefore the spellings for this term should be familiar each week. They will be tested on these spellings every Friday (starting Friday 2nd October). We will then move onto the Year 5 and 6 spellings for the remaining terms.  You can find a breakdown of the weekly spellings and the date of each test in the attached documents below. 



We have started to use our raffle ticket system to identify those children who are meeting our expected reads on a weekly basis. Children should be reading a minimum of 3-5 times a week. 3 reads will enable them to receive one raffle ticket, 5 reads will give them 2 raffle tickets. Children in Year 5 are considered free readers and have full access to both the class library and school library to enable them to choose a book they really like. If you are unhappy with your child's choice of book, then please do let us know. In the past, we have marked their Reading Records, but for the time being, due to COVID, we are simply looking on a Friday to check the reading completed that week. Once again, if you have any concerns, please do email us.





Reading Books


Over the next few days, all of the children will be given a reading book from our class or school library. They will also be given a new reading record. If they would prefer, children can bring in a reading book from home.

Please try to encourage your child to read as much as possible. We suggest at least 3 times a week at first but we try to get all children reading 5 times a week by October. 

We find that children often enjoy reading to themselves in Year 5. However, it is also beneficial to hear your child read aloud at least once a week.

When returning library books, the school is operating a quarantine system whereby the book will stay in quarantine (untouched) for at least 72 hours before being returned to the library. 

Any questions, please email the office and they will pass it onto the Y5 teachers.

Within Reading Comprehension, we use the acronym VIPERS to focus our reading skills. Attached is a document which explains what each letter stands for and some example question stems you may wish to use when asking your child about their reading.

Happy reading everyone!

100 Recommended Reads

At Birdwell, we are passionate about reading but we know it's sometimes tricky to find an age-appropriate book for your child. Please see below our recommended reads for children in Y5/6. We have many of these in our school library and some are included in our '6 Book Challenge'. More information about this challenge can be found on your child's class page. 

This document can also be found at the bottom of the page.